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CHC33015 Cert III Individual Support Disabilities


Accredited Program

Blue Stone Medical & Professional offers a course for individuals in Queensland who are seeking a career in individual support, particularly for patients who are ageing, disabled or require additional health assistance of any kind.

About the course

Our Certification III Individual Support teaches students how to have a productive, long term career in the community service's industry. Whether it is working as a community support worker, as a personal care assistant (PCA) or as an assistant in nursing (AIN) for individuals who are ageing or disabled.
Students walking — Accredited Training in Rockhampton QLD
Smiling student  — Accredited Training in Rockhampton QLD

Eligibility requirements

Anyone interested in the Certification III Individual Support for services in the disabilities and health industry who can read, speak and understand English proficiently is encouraged and eligible to sign up for our course. Before the start of the program, each student is required to take a literacy, language and numeracy test to ensure the course is ideal for them. Participants will also be required to pass a police check. For more information about your eligibility, reach out to our campus today.

Delivery methods

We offer several different methods of delivery to accommodate the needs of each student. Our methods of delivery are as follows:

  • Face to face - 3 days per week for 10 weeks plus 3 weeks of full time clinical placement
  • Face to face - 2 days per week for 15 weeks plus 3 weeks of full time clinical placement
  • Flexible delivery via correspondence - up to 26 weeks duration
  • Mixed Mode/Blended delivery
  • User Choice Traineeship
Nurse walking — Accredited Training in Rockhampton QLD
Medical students — Accredited Training in Rockhampton QLD

Course fees

Our course fees range from $100 (co-contribution fee from the student) for the concessional course to $200 (co-contribution fee from the student) for the non-concessional course. There is also a face to face flexible fee for our “Fee for Services” Courses. There is a $500 deposit required on enrolment with the offer of a Payment Plan for the outstanding balance. There is a $50 uniform fee and a $50 police check fee if required.

Funded Courses

To ensure our courses are as affordable as possible for each of our students, we encourage everyone interested to look into financial assistance. If you are a resident of Queensland, do not hold a Certificate III or higher qualification, are not currently enrolled in secondary schooling and are over the age of 15, you may qualify for financial assistance through the Queensland Department of Education and Training.

Course fees

Many of our students use the certification, along with the skills and knowledge obtained through the course, to work with disability patients in the health industry. Graduates can find employment in community services, such as Community Nursing, Home Help, Day Respite Centres, Hostels, Nursing Homes and Acute Care.

Get in touch

You can reach out to our campus in Rockhampton or Yatala at any time to learn more about the Certification III individual Support Disabilities course and how it may benefit you. We respond to all enquiries promptly, and we look forward to helping you on your journey to a career in the health industry.